Community Investment Impact System (CIIS)


The Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) is the web-based data collection system that CDFIs and CDEs use to submit their Institution Level Reports (ILRs) and Transaction Level Reports (TLRs) to the CDFI Fund.

Below are links to all of the available CIIS documents. These are for information purposes only. To complete and submit the required reports, CDFIs and CDEs must enter CIIS through the AMIS system and then access their organization’s myCDFIFund account.

CIIS is managed by i360technologies, the contractor for the CDFI Fund. If you have any questions about CIIS, contact the CIIS Help Desk at either of the following: 1-888-341-6570 or  

Accessing CIIS (PDF)     Access CIIS

Institution Level Report (ILR) - Fiscal Year 2017

Transaction Level Report (TLR) - Fiscal Year 2017

There are no major changes to any of the data collection instruments, and the XML Schema remain unchanged from FY 2016.



Allocatees are now required to report on Qualified Equity Investments (QEI) that have reached the end of the 7-year tax credit compliance period. The QEI Closeout Report must be filed after the final Transaction Level Report (TLR) and Institution Level Report (ILR) have been submitted for QEIs that have reached the end of their compliance period. The information entered into the TLR and ILR reports will then be used to prepopulate the QEI Closeout Report.


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CIIS Impact Data Releases

The CIIS data submitted by CDFIs include an organizational profile, financial position, portfolio information, community impacts, development services, other products and services, and compliance measures.

The CIIS data submitted by CDEs include an organizational profile, Qualified Equity Investment distribution, portfolio information, loans, community impacts, financial counseling and other services, compliance measures and other data.

The CDFI Fund’s data sharing procedures are designed to assure privacy and protect the confidentiality of CDFIs and CDEs, their investors, and their individual borrowers and projects while maintaining the integrity of the community impact datasets and making the widest array of data available. To that end, the CDFI Fund takes steps to maintain confidentiality, including suppression of select identifiable data points.

The following data will be suppressed when the CDFI Fund releases impact data:

  • Name, telephone number and email address of the Person Responsible for Completing the Survey.

  • Responses to open-ended questions.

  • Data collected solely to evaluate a CDFI Program awardees’ compliance with its assistance agreement.

  • Data collected solely for internal CDFI Fund purposes.

  • Summary financial ratios calculated by CIIS.

  • Personally identifiable information of borrowers and investees.