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CDFI Helps Childcare Entrepreneur Realize Her Dream Helps Childcare Entrepreneur Realize Her Dream<div class="ExternalClass8C4572D9EB0743D0AA8698543608557B"><p>A major logistical and economic decision facing American families is finding quality affordable childcare. This is especially difficult for low-income families. According to the US Census Bureau, low-income families (less than 200% of the poverty level; or less than $50,000 for a family of four) spend 35% of their family’s monthly income on child care costs (US Census Bureau, Survey of Income and Program Participation, 2014 Panel Wave 3).</p><p><a href="/Documents/ABC%20Academy%20Impact%20Story%20V2%2008102020.pdf" target="_blank">To read the full story, click here</a>.</p></div>2020-08-12T16:00:00ZLocal Impact80GP0|#b5b6d8ce-05eb-4f77-a164-48221593deec;L0|#0b5b6d8ce-05eb-4f77-a164-48221593deec|Vermont;GTSet|#52f34ab0-6f81-4fe6-b393-2715c7089532;GP0|#c8a5d5bc-32cc-47a9-88a8-702f1f974786;L0|#0c8a5d5bc-32cc-47a9-88a8-702f1f974786|CDFI Certification