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CDFI Finances Industrious West Virginian's Success Finances Industrious West Virginian's Success<div class="ExternalClassC16E054C99AD43B9AFABE565DF02DC60"><p> Many American small businesses began as good ideas born out of necessity and were then grown out of home offices or garages. The Mountaineer Brand small business is no exception. While growing a beard may seem like a natural and simple thing, in reality it isn’t. Growing and maintaining a well-groomed beard requires the use of products that reduce skin irritation and ensure healthy facial hair. In response to this need, Eric Young developed a natural beard oil in his kitchen. His own luxurious beard soon became the best advertisement for his product. Soon, many friends and neighbors were asking to buy his product and in 2013 Mountaineer Brand was born.</p><p>To read the full story, <a href="/Documents/CDFI%20Finances%20Industrious%20West%20Virginian%27s%20Success%20031919A.pdf" target="_blank">click here</a>.</p></div>2019-03-26T17:00:00ZLocal Impact65GP0|#c8a5d5bc-32cc-47a9-88a8-702f1f974786;L0|#0c8a5d5bc-32cc-47a9-88a8-702f1f974786|CDFI Certification;GTSet|#52f34ab0-6f81-4fe6-b393-2715c7089532;GP0|#5f36292c-da70-4234-84e0-ea4608ace999;L0|#05f36292c-da70-4234-84e0-ea4608ace999|West Virginia