AMIS is Here!

The CDFI Fund's Awards Management Information System (AMIS) is now available! AMIS is an enterprise-wide business system that will replace the myCDFIFund portal. AMIS is a modern platform that will eventually support all CDFI Fund programs through each phase of the programs' life cycle, including certification, program awards and allocations, data analysis, and reporting.

The CDFI Fund is transitioning to AMIS in several stages beginning today through the fall of 2016. Currently available in AMIS is the Community Development Entity (CDE) Certification application, which replaces the former paper-based process. In addition, organizations and users must manage their profiles using AMIS.

CDE Certification Application

How is the New Markets Tax Credit community impacted by today's AMIS enhancements? AMIS is now the preferred option for submission of CDE applications for businesses and subsidiaries. It will be the only option shortly. The CDFI Fund will continue to accept paper CDE certification application postmarked on or before October 15, 2015. Organizations that submit paper applications after that date will be required to refile their applications through AMIS.

To assist potential applicants with this transition, the CDFI Fund has developed two AMIS navigation training manuals: "Getting Started Navigating AMIS" and "CDE Certification Application Submission." These training manuals, and all other AMIS training manuals, can be found on our AMIS page at The CDFI Fund will issue additional CDE Certification Application guidance within the next month.

For specific questions about applying for CDE certification that cannot be answered through materials available on the CDFI Fund's website, please contact the CCME Helpdesk at or at (202) 653-0423.

Organizational Profiles

Organizations and individual users must now manage their profiles using AMIS. myCDFIFund is no longer available for managing profiles. Please view the AMIS Frequently Asked Questions and training materials available at to learn more. Organizations are strongly encouraged to keep their profile information up to date.

New Help Tool

Do you need additional help? Through AMIS, the CDFI Fund is providing a new way to request assistance with technical problems, amendment requests, and program questions. The "Service Request" function in AMIS allows you to interact with the CDFI Fund directly from your account. By using a Service Request, the CDFI Fund will be able to efficiently track and manage your requests and questions.

Learn how to submit a service request in the "Getting Started Navigating AMIS" training document, which can be found on our AMIS page at You can also call the Help Desk phone number (202) 653-0421 to speak to a member of our staff; however, we urge you to give Service Request a try!

More information about AMIS is available at To learn more about the CDFI Fund's programs, please visit

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