CDFI Fund Update: Community Investment Impact System Availability

CIIS will be unavailable August 1 September 1, 2018, to allow for integration into the Awards Management Information System (AMIS).

The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund), as part of its efforts to improve customer service and reduce the reporting burden on award recipients, is integrating its Community Investment Impact System (CIIS) platform into AMIS. As a result, beginning August 1, 2018, users will no longer be able to submit Institutional Level Reports (ILRs), Transactional Level Reports (TLRs), QEI Closeout Reports, and Sub-CDE Dissolution Reports through CIIS.

Awardee reporting will be available again in AMIS beginning September 1, 2018, and in time for the next report due date of September 30, 2018.

Why is the CDFI Fund transitioning CIIS reporting into AMIS?

CIIS is currently the system for award recipient reporting for the Community Development Financial Institutions Program (CDFI Program), New Markets Tax Credits Program (NMTC Program) and Capital Magnet Fund (CMF) that captures key information needed to monitor the financial condition of award recipients and to report performance goals and measures. It is an application that requires modernization to improve award recipient reporting and system performance. Transitioning CIIS into AMIS will improve the award recipient experience for completing compliance reporting and monitoring activities.

What if my organization currently has reports pending in CIIS?

The CDFI Fund will work to ensure that organizations with reports pending are able to complete the submission process. Organizations that have been working with the CDFI Fund to finalize submission of reports are asked to continue working with staff to address issues that may be impacting completion of the submission process.

Will information and guidance on compliance reporting be provided once AMIS becomes available for reporting?

Yes. The CDFI Fund will provide detailed guidance information on submitting compliance reports in AMIS that will be made available once the upgrade process is complete.

My organization recently applied to a CDFI Fund program for an award, does this affect us?

No. Only organizations that have a signed assistance agreement or allocation agreement that is in effect are impacted.

Questions and Information

Any questions regarding reporting during the transition period should be directed to the Certification, Compliance Monitoring and Evaluation Help Desk via: an AMIS Service Request; e-mail at; or phone at (202) 653-0421.

Questions related to the AMIS system and CIIS-AMIS transition process can be directed to the Information Technology Support Help Desk through: an AMIS service request; email at; or phone at (202) 653-0422.


As a reminder, also beginning August 1, 2018, the CDFI Fund will pause acceptance of new applications for certification as a Community Development Financial Institution for a period of 90 days. Information on the certification blackout period is available here.

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