CDFI Fund Announces Capacity Building Initiative's First Resource Bank

Washington, DC - Today, as part of the training and educational opportunities available under the Capacity Building Initiative, the CDFI Fund launched its first resource bank on the CDFI Fund website. The Financing Healthy Food Options Resource Bank makes the training and resource materials used for the Financing Healthy Food Options training series available to the general public and members of the community development industry.

"I'm proud of the success that we have already achieved with the Capacity Building Initiative," said CDFI Fund Director Donna J. Gambrell. "By expanding the educational materials available to all CDFIs through the Financing Healthy Food Options Resource Bank, the CDFIs will continue moving into this new market with cutting edge financial products and services. The resource bank has great tools to help them create innovative healthy foods programs in underserved communities across the nation."

The Financing Healthy Food Options Resource Bank is the first resource bank the CDFI Fund has made available for a training series under the Capacity Building Initiative. The Financing Healthy Food Options training supports CDFIs engaged in the eradication of food deserts in their target markets. The resource bank provides the training curriculum used in the two-day workshop, a catalogue of financing sources for organizations interested in funding healthy food opportunities, and food desert mapping tools.

Additional Financing Healthy Food Options resource bank materials will be posted as they are available. Resource banks will also be posted in 2012 for the other training series in the Capacity Building Initiative. A full list of the series available, including ongoing workshop and technical assistance opportunities, can be found on the CDFI Fund's website.

To learn more about the Capacity Building Initiative, or the CDFI Fund's other programs, please visit

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