Financing Healthy Food Options Resource Bank: Webinars

Relevant Training Curriculum chapters can be found on the Resource Bank’s main page.

1. PolicyMap and Using Limited Supermarket Analysis in Your Target Market

2. Healthy Food Options Program Design and Social Impact Measurement

3. Green for Greens

4. New American Foodshed

5. Natural Food Cooperatives

6. Understanding SNAP and WIC as Sources of Revenue for Retailers

7. Underwriting Supermarkets

8. The Grocery Gap

9. Connecting Farms to Institutions

10. Financing Mid-Tier Healthy Food Enterprises: Tools for Successful Underwriting

11. Mind the Gap: Credit Enhancements for Lending to Agricultural Entrepreneurs

12. How to Effectively Underwrite Small and Emerging Farms

13. Figuring out Food Hubs

14. A First Look: Predicting Market Demand for Food Retail Using a Huff Analysis

15. Underwriting Grocery Stores 201: A Deeper Look

16. CDFIs and Foundations

17. Strengthening a Critical Rural Infrastructure: Rural Grocery Stores

18. Developing Loan Policies and Procedures for Healthy Food Financing

19. Applying the 5Cs to Food Production Loan Applicants

20. Foundations and Healthy Food Finance: Investing in CDFIs to Improve Access to Healthy Foods in Low-Income Communities

21. Chips to Carrots: Financing Healthy Corner Stores

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