Strengthening Small and Emerging CDFIs Resource Bank: Additional Resources

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  1. Analysis of the CDFI Industry Landscape
    • CDFI Industry Analysis Summary Report
      • Authors: Michael Swack, Jack Northrup, and Eric Hangen
      • Summary: This report explored issues of capitalization, liquidity and portfolio, and risk management for CDFIs from 2005 to 2010. The report’s key findings were that CDFIs have been “stepping into the breach” to address lending-related needs during the recession—and have paid a financial price for doing so CDFI portfolio performance has been mixed, but only for a minority of organizations is it an issue that significantly affects overall financial performance; significant scale effects exist in all sectors of the CDFI industry; operating expenses play the driving role in determining whether CDFIs achieve self-sufficiency; and CDFIs, particularly CDFI loan funds, face numerous barriers preventing them from using and leveraging capital more effectively.
  2. CDFI Operations