Information about AMIS Compliance and Performance Reporting


AMIS Compliance and Performance Reporting is a web-based data collection within AMIS that CDFIs and CDEs use to submit their Institution Level Reports (ILRs) and Transaction Level Reports (TLRs) to the CDFI Fund.

Below are links to all of the available supporting instructional documents for how to report in AMIS. These are for informational purposes only.

To complete and submit the required reports, CDFIs and CDEs must enter through the AMIS system and then access their organization’s AMIS account. Please note that the reporting templates cited below are for reference purposes only. The latest reporting templates must accessed and downloaded from your organization’s account within AMIS.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with the data entry portion of your report, including document errors, system errors, and basic questions, please contact the AMIS Help Desk:

AMIS Service Request (as a General Inquiry Select “AMIS-Technical Problem”) 
(202) 653-0422

For any questions regarding compliance or performance reporting, please contact the CDFI Fund Help Desk directly via an AMIS Service Request, or (202) 653-0422.

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Institution Level Report (ILR) - FEBRUARY 2022


*Please note that the CDFI ILR has been discontinued in AMIS


Transaction Level Report (TLR) - March 2024

Allocatee TLR Guidance Documents and Information:

CDFI TLR Guidance Documents and Information:


Vendor Specific

CDFIs and CDEs may use any software to track and compile data to submit the TLR, however, existing systems may need to be configured to include fields for all of the AMIS data points. The CDFI Fund provides software developers and vendors the technical information needed to configure in-house or off-the-shelf products to enable CDFIs and CDEs to track and electronically submit all of the data points collected by AMIS.

Vendor Testing Opportunities: The CDFI Fund welcomes CDFIs, CDEs, and software developers to test their software against AMIS requirements. The purpose of software vendor testing is to establish that AMIS can receive and process the transaction level report (TLR) submitted by a vendor's application software package. Software will be certified as AMIS Compatible when the application testing is successfully concluded and has demonstrated that (i) the software is capable of transmitting every TLR data point via XML transfer and (ii) the data can be uploaded to AMIS in the correct format without any manual re-entry of data by the software user. Completion of interface testing does not indicate that the CDFI Fund endorses, warrants, or assumes any responsibility or liability for, in any manner whatsoever, the vendor's software package. CDFIs and CDEs that use off-the-shelf software products are encouraged to contact their software vendor(s) to inform them of this testing opportunity. CDFIs and CDEs with custom-designed software are invited to contact the CDFI Fund AMIS Help Desk (contact information above) for testing opportunities.


CDFI Fund Compliance and Reporting Data Releases

The data submitted by CDFIs include an organizational profile, financial position, portfolio information, community impacts, development services, other products and services, and compliance measures.

The data submitted by CDEs include an organizational profile, Qualified Equity Investment distribution, portfolio information, loans, community impacts, financial counseling and other services, compliance measures and other data.

The CDFI Fund's data sharing procedures are designed to assure privacy and protect the confidentiality of CDFIs and CDEs, their investors, and their individual borrowers and projects while maintaining the integrity of the community impact datasets and making the widest array of data available. To that end, the CDFI Fund takes steps to maintain confidentiality, including suppression of select identifiable data points. Please note that personally identifiable information of borrowers and investees is not collected.

The following data will be suppressed when the CDFI Fund releases impact data:

  • The award recipient name of the submitting organization.
  • Name, telephone number and email address of the Person Responsible for Completing the Survey.
  • Responses to open-ended questions.
  • Data collected solely to evaluate an awardees’ compliance with its assistance agreement.
  • Data collected solely for internal CDFI Fund purposes.
  • Summary financial ratios calculated by AMIS.

In addition, any data the CDFI Fund determines to be erroneous that cannot be replaced with a correct response obtained from the reporting entity shall be suppressed. Examples include typographical errors and responses that, in the CDFI Fund's judgment, are grossly inconsistent with the majority of the CDFI's or the CDE's data.