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As the housing industry grows, many Native CDFIs are looking to develop housing products or expand their work in this field. This course was designed for both organizations that want to pursue housing as a brand-new line of business and organizations that want to expand the type of housing products they offer. Course material focused on housing products, and the training discussed strategies, partnerships, and tools provided by national programs that support housing efforts.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the basics of the mortgage lending industry and describe key housing partners, tools, resources, and programs;
  2. Formulate strategies to create new or expand existing housing loan products and services to meet the demand in their Native communities for long-term, affordable mortgage capital;
  3. Address challenges with the residential leasing and mortgage lending processes on trust land and engage tribal leaders to advocate for tribal policies that create an environment conducive to private mortgage lending; and
  4. Develop a plan to operationalize housing lending creation and/or expansion strategies that includes staff training, licensing, and regulatory compliance unique to the mortgage lending industry.


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