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This course was designed to demystify compliance, legal, and financial best practices by facilitating conversation and collaborative activities on these subjects. Course material focused on providing knowledge and tools to help Native CDFIs implement best practice compliance and risk mitigation processes to ensure they continue to meet the financial and legal obligations and are set up for continued community impact. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand why and how to create a successful compliance program;
  2. Understand how an effective control system provides reasonable assurance for the safeguarding of assets, the reliability of financial information, and compliance with laws and regulations;
  3. Understand how to conduct a risk assessment and use it to mitigate and control risks;
  4. Understand how to ensure that a compliance program is effectively communicated to all employees;
  5. Understand the key competencies and best practices that characterize effective grants management; and
  6. Understand effective practices in meeting compliance and reporting requirements for Annual Certification Report (ACR) and CDFI Fund NACA FA/TA awards.


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