Technical Assistance

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Under the BNSCI II, Native CDFIs received Technical Assistance (TA) including:

  • Forty-seven organizations received Individualized one-on-one TA.
  • Six Native CDFIs received site visits from a TA provider.
  • Twenty-eight organizations participated in three Learning Cadres, in which they met regularly in a facilitated small group for peer learning, action planning, and implementation around a narrowly focused topic.

Resources from the three learning cadres are included in this section.

Emerging CDFIs Learning Cadre

This cadre explored how to build a strong foundation and the necessary steps to becoming a certified CDFI.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify best practices to establishing a strong, emerging CDFI;
  2. Describe how the best practices of establishing a strong CDFI also support certification; and
  3. Explain, cursorily, the CDFI certification criteria to ensure they are positioned well.


Next Steps in Impact Tracking Learning Cadre

This cadre helped participants take their impact measurement to the next level.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how to conduct a data harvest and gap analysis to assist in implementing the previously developed impact matrix;
  2. Clarify their Native CDFI's impact goals and understand how to develop an impact report; and
  3. Explore more features of different database systems using case studies and question and answer from facilitator and cadre members.



Housing Learning Cadre


This cadre focused on building strong housing products, specifically focusing on mortgage products.


Learning Objectives

  1. Describe best practices to establishing strong Native CDFI housing loan products and services;
  2. Explain how the best practices of establishing strong housing loan products and services also support sustainability; and
  3. Identify the key components necessary for offering housing products and services in Native communities (e.g. licensing and compliance; access to secondary markets; establishing warehouse lines of credit; etc.).


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