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Capitalization remains one of the largest challenges for most Native CDFIs. This course was designed to help Native CDFIs revisit or develop their own multi-faceted, long-term capitalization plan. Course material focused on various funding types, and the course presented strategies, partnerships, and tools to prepare Native CDFI practitioners to access a diversified funding base.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the essentials of capitalization planning;
  2. Describe key funding partners and their associated evaluation criteria;
  3. Formulate a capitalization strategy;
  4. Identify next steps to build the internal capacity necessary to support a more diversified funding base;
  5. Comfortably deliver a "pitch" to a funder and adapt that pitch based on funding partner type;
  6. Identify potential "entry points" and partners to access their most relevant funding sources;
  7. Explain the types of loans that can be sold on the secondary market and how to do it; and
  8. Outline the role of earned revenue and strategic partnerships in the overall capitalization structure.


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