Local Impact

Acumen Building Enterprise operates in a low-income income neighborhood in East Oakland, CA, where 25 percent of residents live below the poverty line.

Many American small businesses began as good ideas born out of necessity and were then grown out of home offices or garages. The Mountaineer Brand small business is no exception.

In 2005, the only bank branch that served the Metlakatla Indian Community in Alaska closed.

Historically, museums have been defined as buildings where objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

With help from the Florida Community Loan Fund, the redevelopment of downtown Gainesville, Florida now includes an anchor institution that will provide an important link between low-income communit

Artists' colonies are often on the front lines of urban revitalization.

In 2012 the Catalyst Paper Mill closed in Navajo County, AZ. The closure of the mill sounded the death knell for the historic Apache Railway in the Town of Snowflake, AZ.

Los Angeles' Vermont Knolls neighborhood is a high-need community of approximately 22,000 residents of which nearly one-third have incomes under the federal poverty level.

Medina Creative Housing (MCH) helps individuals with disabilities successfully integrate into their communities.