New Markets Tax Credit Native Initiative


The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Native Initiative is the next step in broadening the on-ramp to the NMTC Program. The goal of the NMTC Native Initiative is to increase NMTC investments in Federal Indian Reservations, Off-Reservation Trust Lands, Hawaiian Home Lands, and Alaska Native Village Statistical Areas, collectively referred to as NMTC Native Areas.

The CDFI Fund announced the selection of a Contractor to assist with this important effort. The work that will be performed can be divided into two key categories:

  • Research and Analysis, which includes (1) summary analysis of NMTC investment data in NMTC Native Areas, (2) a market research report summarizing peer reviewed and sponsored research on Tribes that have implemented community and economic development strategies that were successful in attracting private investment, and (3) a survey of participants in past NMTC investments in NMTC Native Areas. 
  • Training and Technical Assistance, which includes (1) Technical Assistance workshops, (2) individual Training and Technical Assistance, and (3) a self-assessment guide.


The market research report, Technical Assistance workshop training materials, and self-assessment guide will be posted in the Resource Bank accessible from this webpage and will be accessible to any member of the public or any organization seeking to learn more about NMTC investment in Native Areas.

The Technical Assistance workshops and individual Training and Technical Assistance sessions are reserved for CDEs that are Native owned or controlled, Native CDFIs, and other tribal entities that focus on investing in NMTC Native Areas.

For more information on this effort, to express interest in attending the next Technical Assistance workshop, or to apply to receive individual Technical Assistance, please use the following link:


Training and Technical AssistanceDatesMaterials
Technical Workshop #1September 21-22, 2022Agenda 
Technical Workshop #2February 22-23, 2023Agenda