Upcoming Webinar: AEO's Innovation Challenge Solution

The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) will host a webinar on September 21, 2016 to provide additional insight into its winning 2015 CDFI Fund Innovation Challenge solution.

AEO's proposed solution is a screening and assessment tool that will match small business owners who have been declined by traditional lenders with CDFIs that may be able to assist them. This webinar will focus on the perspective of bank referrers into the system. We will hear from Woodforest National Bank, the first bank that has committed to use the solution. We will also hear from Capital One Bank and JPMorgan Chase about their respective experiences with traditional referral programs and their perspectives on what an automated system would need to do to meet the needs of their banks. Finally, the webinar will preview the solution developed and share insights learned while the AEO project team and partners designed and developed the platform. CDFI Fund Director Annie Donovan will provide introductory remarks.

2015 Innovation Challenge Update Webinar

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
1:00 p.m. EDT

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Registration may be completed up to the start time of the webinar on September 21.

Learn more about AEO's recent work by reading their blog series. Visit www.cdfifund.gov to learn more about the CDFI Fund and its programs.

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