Beware of Fictitious CDFI Fund Social Media Accounts

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) would like to make the public aware of fraudulent social media profiles, email accounts, and phone numbers that attempt to impersonate or otherwise associate themselves with the CDFI Fund.

Although the precise platforms and messages vary, these imposters provide false CDFI Fund employee and contact information, false links to a website alleged to be the CDFI Fund website, and a false telephone number. One social media profile scam identifies a nonexistent grant program, tells the public that it can receive free federal government grant money, and even displays a fictitious monetary disbursement. Therefore, please be cautious when clicking on links attributed to the CDFI Fund. 

The CDFI Fund is actively working to have these accounts deactivated.  In the meantime, please be certain that you are using the official CDFI Fund website, email addresses, phone numbers, and other interfaces. 

The correct CDFI Fund website is  The CDFI Fund has three official social media profiles: on the X platform (formerly Twitter) is @CDFIFund, InstagramLinkedIn, and YouTube. The main number to the CDFI Fund is (202) 653-0300. Other official phone numbers for the CDFI Fund, such as to the Helpdesk, can be found on the website


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