Local Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many parents and their children to stay home as the country grappled with how to combat the new disease and keep the population safe through lockdowns, school closures,

In addition to its global impact on public health and safety, the COVID-19 pandemic sent economic shockwaves throughout the world.

With a population of more than 2.7 million1, the City of Chicago is the third most populous city in America and has a total economic output of

The US Census Bureau defines disability as a long-lasting physical, mental, or emotional condition.

Hawaii, with its tropical climate and rich Polynesian culture, is known as the American paradise.

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) bridge the gap between low-income individuals, families and businesses and the financial resources that they need in order to thrive.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of lack of money and other resources.

A major logistical and economic decision facing American families is finding quality affordable childcare. This is especially difficult for low-income families.

Recovering from a disaster is a long, traumatic, and expensive process for survivors and the communities in which they live.

With its limited banking presence, the rural area of Atmore, Alabama lacks mainstream financial service options, particularly for the quarter of its residents that are living at or below the povert