Programs and Initiatives
Welcome to the new CDFI Fund website!

I hope you enjoy the new site, which was designed to better serve YOU, the CDFI Fund's applicants and awardees and members of the public, as you look for more information about our programs. There may be a whole new look and feel, but the same in-depth information you've come to expect from the CDFI Fund is still here.

If you’ve come to the website before in the past year, you most likely encountered a survey asking your opinion on our old website. We listened to you, and took your feedback into account as we designed this website to be more user-friendly and to have a greater emphasis on the story of CDFIs and CDEs and how they are revitalizing our nation’s low-income communities.

One way we’re going to do that is through the CDFI Fund’s new Impact Blog. The blog is where we will be showcasing success stories from CDFIs and CDEs across the country, as well as highlighting areas of interest for our award programs. Expect to see stories of the impact CDFIs and CDEs make across the country featured here in the coming months.

Other improvements include:

  • The introduction of "How to Apply" steps for our programs to organize our guidance based upon the stages of the application or award processes;
  • Clear navigation through the site and different pages; and
  • Robust search and filter functions to help you find the exact document you need.

Stay tuned as we continue to improve the site and our virtual tools in general, especially in the near future as we officially launch our new Awards Management Information System, AMIS. AMIS will be replacing myCDFIFund, and will allow for the submission of online certification and program applications and the easy maintenance of organizational data. Expect to see more information about AMIS soon.

One more thing - you may still encounter that feedback survey popping up on the new website. If you do, I hope you take a minute to provide us some additional feedback on the new design. We are continually striving to improve our customer service, and this coordinated effort to bring you modern tools for interacting with and receiving information from the CDFI Fund is a big step forward.